A mammogram is used to detect and diagnose breast disease in women. The procedure allows detection of breast cancers, benign tumors, and cysts before they can be detected by palpation (touch).

The recent development of digital mammography technology allows for improved breast imaging, in particular, for women less than 50 years of age, women with dense breast tissue, and women who are premenopausal or perimenopausal. Digital mammography provides electronic images of the breasts that can be enhanced by computer technology, stored on computers, and even transmitted electronically in situations where remote access to the mammogram is required. The procedure for a digital mammography is basically performed the same way as a standard mammogram.

Brookwood Women’s Diagnostic Center offers digital mammography with computer-aided detection (CAD), a digitized mammographic image from a conventional film mammogram or a digitally acquired mammogram is analyzed for masses, calcifications, or areas of abnormal density that may indicate the presence of cancer. The images are highlighted by the CAD system for further analysis by the radiologist.

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