Patient Care Areas 

Perinatal Unit

Ideally, you will spend your entire pregnancy in your regular day-to-day routine, preparing for your new baby, until your labor begins. If any concerns arise, your doctor may require periods of bed rest. But should you encounter a serious complication during your pregnancy, Brookwood Medical Center has a dedicated patient unit designed specifically for the care of high-risk pregnancies. The Perinatal Unit is fully staffed with qualified, caring nurses who have specialized training in high-risk pregnancies, are cross trained in labor and delivery, and who work closely with Brookwood's maternal-fetal medicine physician and ob/gyns. You'll be cared for in a comfortable, private room with amenities such as cable television, Wi-Fi access and Dining on Call. 

Labor and Delivery Unit

During your labor, you will receive one-on-one nursing care in a spacious, private suite that provides a soothing, comfortable environment for labor and delivery...that means one nurse will be assigned specifically to you. You can be assured that when you have a quesiton or need attention, you won't have to wait until your nurse finishes with another patient. In addition to one-on-one nursing, advanced fetal montioring and 24-hour anesthesia coverage help promote quality care for our patients.

If your doctor determines that a Caesarean birth is necessary, three dedicated surgery suites are located in the Labor and Delivery area. To ensure that Caesarean-delivering moms stay connected with their newborns, we provide a feature called the BabyCam in each Caesarean Suite. Using closed-circuit television, the Baby Cam offers mothers a unique opportunity to keep a close eye on their new babies after delivery. New mothers have told us that the innovative BabyCam has made them less anxious and more comfortable during the procedure, keeping them more connected to their newborn in the early minutes after birth.


Mother-Baby Unit

The Mother-Baby Unit provides care after delivery. Our private rooms and suites have recently been renovated and provide a home-like environment with a focus on mom and new baby care. Nurses are specially trained to teach new mothers about caring for themselves and their newborns. Lactation consultants are available to help moms learn breastfeeding techniques. Room amenities on the unit include flat-screen televisions, in-room refrigerators, Wi-Fi access, Dining on Call, and a recliner and sleeper sofa.

Well-Baby Nursery

Our fully staffed well-baby nursery is an important aspect of newborn care at Brookwood. Pediatricians visit newborns, and our friendly staff provide each baby with special care and attention. And, when moms need their rest, they can relax knowing that their baby is being well cared for by a nursing staff that specializes in newborn care. 

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Newborns with special needs are cared for in our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Staffed with board-certified neonatologists, neonatal respiratory therapists, and registered nurses who are certified in infant CPR, drug intervention, and advanced life support, the Brookwood NICU delivers a level of support and compassion that families truly value.