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Brookwood Medical Center’s award-winning* Psychiatry and Behavioral Health program is one of the largest in Alabama. Following a recent renovation and expansion, the center operates 138 beds covering 17,500 square feet, complete with modern interiors and abundant natural light. Our program offers in-depth evaluation and treatment for a broad range of psychiatric disorders. Our nine units are each unique and specialized. Each unit is designed to meet the patient’s needs based on the type or acuity of psychiatric symptoms. Inpatient length of stay varies – it depends on the progress of the patient and is typically short. 

Conditions treated:
       Eating Disorders
       Severe Mental Illness
       Personality Disorders
       Anxiety Disorders
       Chronic Pain
       Domestic Violence
       Family Therapy
       Obsessive Compulsive Disorder





Inpatient Services - Our nine specialized inpatient units are designed to meet the individual needs of the patient based on the type of acuity of symptoms. 

Outpatient Therapy Services - The Inner Path is a short-term outpatient program designed for adults experiencing mental health issues that interfere with their ability to function in daily life. Partial hospitalization is for those that do not require an inpatient stay, but who would benefit from more intensive therapy than what is available during outpatient therapy. Patients experience six hours of group therapy each day.

*Recipient of 2010 Tenet Clinical Innovation Award in recognition of new services that provide positive outcomes for both patients and staff. Recognized as a “Best Practice” by The Joint Commission in 2010.